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Stony Point Announces New Cloud Training Class for Technology Leaders

LONGWOOD, FL – September 2, 2013 -- Stony Point, Inc. (, a leader in Cloud training, today announced the release of a new Cloud training class geared towards technology leaders called "Salesforce and for Technology Leaders (SPTL-101)".  

The class is targeted at technology leaders such as CTO's, CIO's, directors, managers and software architects who would benefit from a deeper understanding of the platform but do not need to know all the intricate details of the technology.

"Cloud technology such as Salesforce is rapidly changing the way companies develop and deploy corporate applications" said Steve Wasula, President of Stony Point and author of the class.  "In many large organizations, the technology leadership team stopped doing hands-on technical work before the Cloud even existed. This class is designed to get them up to speed and comfortable with the cloud concepts so they can more effectively manage projects and their teams."

Those interested in attending this class or other classes offered by Stony Point can register online at

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Founded in February, 2011 by three seasoned Cloud Consultants and Instructors, Stony Point has rapidly become the premier provider of Salesforce training. With instructors throughout North America, South America, Korea, China, Japan, India, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, Stony Point is on of the largest Salesforce and training organizations in the world.  Stony Point develops and delivers Salesforce training classes for end users in sales, customer service, and marketing in addition to administrators, developers and consultants and offers instruction in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. 

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